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  • How Do I Know What My Staging Will Cost / How Does Your Pricing Work?
    We offer a Standard Price Sheet that works on homes anywhere from 500 SF - 5000 SF. If the home is larger than 5000 SF we may need to come out to do a special bid however usually our pricing works on homes that are larger than 5000 SF. Please email for a Copy of our Current Price Sheet.
  • Why have you chosen to go off a Standard Price Sheet?
    We work with so many repeat agents that we are proud to be considered a member of their TEAM! There are several reason why we implemented a Standard pricing sheet to help them. Our Real Estate Partners are able to clearly show what Rockstar Agents they are when they can walk into a Listing Presentation and know exactly what the Staging is going to cost. It helps aleviate stress from the seller and doesn't add more time to their already tight schedules. They dont have to worry about meeting a stager to get bids, etc. Agents can immediately tell their agent what its going to cost and Sellers and Agents both LOVE taking this step off their plate. Many Agents have claimed to have won numerours listing presentations just by being able to have this knowledge walking in.
  • Why Should I Choose Pacific NW Home Staging
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  • How Do I Secure a Date?
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  • How Many Days Does it Take for Staging?
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  • What are the Conditions you need in order to Stage
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