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Are you looking to sell your home?

Here are the top 10 reason why you should stage your home.

1). Typically Sellers receive a 10% -20 % better sales price on average than unstaged homes.

2). The money you invest to stage your home will actually bring you a return on that investment, so you can look at it as it does not cost you a penny to stage your home.

3). It has been proven that a staged home sells faster and for more money. On average a staged home is on the market 70% less time than a non staged home.

4). People buy on emotion, when a buyer starts to see themselves living in your home, relaxing on the couch, having a cookout with friends in the backyard, what comes next is the OFFER to buy!

5).When you combine a staged room with professional photos you instantly increase the amount of traffic online and offline.

6). Professional Stagers can be objective and leave emotion to the side as they strategically create a space that makes buyers eager to purchase.

7). All homes have a few little flaws that can easily turn off buyers and scare them away. Having a unique and creatively staged home will allow the potential buyer the ability to look past those flaws and focus on the wonderful qualities of your home.

8). Just Relax. Moving is one of the most stressful times in a persons life and by having a professional stager on your side it makes the process of organizing, packing, and getting ready for the move that much easier.

9). The top real estate websites agree that staging your home is the second most critical action item that you as the seller must do when selling.

10). Staging sells home quickly and for more money. If you do not stage your home and your neighbor / competition does… their home will sell faster than yours and receive a better ROI.

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